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Wireless inertia guided AGV adopt magnetic nail guiding technology, it is located and oriented by calculation of gyroscope deviation signals and collection signals of ground location block, can move in& out elevators automatically, accomplishing the material moving job high efficiently at high accuracy.

Product advantages:

Advanced technology, high accuracy localization, flexible and agile, easy to assemble and high compatibility, well accepted in the AGV industries.


Trackless inertia AGV specifications

 AGV type

 Inertia guided AGV



 Control mode

 Steered wheel control

 Guiding mode

Inertia guided


 Forward, backward, turn left, right, fork,in& out elevator


 Wireless communication (optional)

 Driving method

  Front wheel drive and turn

 Load capacity

 1000KG, 2000KG (customized)

 Moving speed

 0-45m/min (customized)

 Turing radius

 Min 1850mm

 Guiding accuracy


 Working time




 Stop accuracy


 Charging mode

 Auto charging

 Driving power


 Safety sensor range

 0-5m, emergency stop distance<20mm


 Maintenance-free, consecutive discharging time>16000

 Working environment

 Indoor temp:0~40,Relative humidity:40%~80%

 Safety protection

 Laser obstacle sensor+ mechanical anti-collision system

Designed lifespan

 >10 years

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